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Visten, Smårissjön, Skivtjärn m.fl

  Värmlands län / Forshaga, Kil, Munkfors and Sunne municipality.

Welcome to Visten's fishery conservation area, one of Forshaga municipality's largest fishing areas. We can offer fun and varied fishing in many types of water. Everything from trolling fishing in Visten - our largest lake - to angling in Kvarntorpsån , an idyllic river in beautiful nature. Very close by is also the Forshagaforsen, which is one of the best salmon fishing waters in the Nordic region. From the Klarälvsrummet's veranda you can, if you are lucky, see the salmon jumping in the rapids!

Visten is the area's main sport fishing water. In addition to perch and pike, there are also lake, eel, vendace, trout and implanted salmon. Pike over 10 kg and trout over 8 kg have been caught! Here you can fish with a spinning rod, fishing rod or fly rod. Trolling with or without a motor is also allowed.

  • Launch ramp is located at Arnäs / Doktorsudden.
  • One rod per fishing license. Trolling card for 4 rods for sale.
  • Minimum size salmon / trout 50 cm. Only salmon / trout with cut fat fins may be caught.

Smårissjön and Skivtjärn , here you can fish perch, pike and div. whitefish.

Kvarntorpsån , a nice little river that connects Visten with Klarälven. The land area located in the ravine around Kvarntorpsån has qualified as a key biotope. Here you can fish perch, pike and div. whitefish.

Dömleälven is Visten's bottling to Klarälven. Here you can fish perch, pike and div. whitefish. Launch ramp is located at Arnäs / Doktorsudden.

In addition, Bergviks shopping center and IKEA are also within a half-hour journey. One of Sweden's largest shopping centers with an endless range of shopping. The fishing, the area's beautiful nature and the proximity to attractions such as Selma Lagerlöfs Mårbacka, Rottneros and Ransäter's homestead make your stay here a memory for life.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

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Vistens FVOF

Organization number: 873202-4685

Customer number: 203, Area: 162.

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Henrik Gynnemo

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