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  Gotlands län / Gotland municipality.

The Västergarnsån annually attracts many anglers of all ages.
Wadet's community association sells fishing licenses for the stretch from a marker 150 meters upstream of Västergarn's harbor up to and including the road bridge (road 140), a stretch of about 800 metres.
The fishing license stretch in Västergarnsån is easily accessible and is excellent for both big and small anglers, regardless of previous fishing experience.
The area is also family-friendly with a nice barbecue area nearby and there are walking areas along the shore of the Baltic Sea.
The proximity to the mouth of the sea and the possibility for sea-migrating fish to swim freely in and out of the river mean that the fishing can vary greatly from day to day.
Timing can therefore often be the deciding factor!
Regardless of whether you hit the right day or not, the river in its simplicity is a very pleasant fishing lake with nice surrounding nature and rich birdlife.
Commonly occurring species are perch, pike, roach, roach, tench and tench.
ATTENTION! All fishing upstream of the road bridge (road 140) and in Paviken has been prohibited since 2018. The ban applies all year round.
The Västergarnsån is one of the important waterways that wild sea trout migrate to spawn every autumn.
Respect the sea trout conservation period 1 Oct-31 Dec and also do not fish specifically for trout in the river during the rest of the year.
Any trout caught must always be carefully released.
Year-round reintroduction also applies to pikes.
Remember to bring ALL rubbish home after fishing, this applies to everything from tom cans to fishing lines.
This is particularly important because the grazing animals on the fishing line otherwise run a high risk of getting tangled in fishing lines and being injured by debris left behind.
Show respect for animals and nature.
Keep it clean and tidy and you contribute to everyone having a pleasant experience! Västergarnsån Included in the fishing license

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 18.
 Det finns gratis fiskekort, som måste lösas, för barn- och ungdomar
 Junior fishing licenses are free and valid until the year the holder turns 18

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Wadets fiskekortsområde

Organization number: 716404-8675

Customer number: 3284, Area: 3346.

Contact persons

Bengt Wickman
0703 -  57 60 12


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