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Welcome to Etelhem's fishing license area! EteIhem is a lively parish in south-eastern Gotland with scenic walking areas for the whole family. The fishing license is now valid for Sigvalde and Hageby swamps, where the whole family can enjoy fishing, outdoor activities, swimming and pleasant forest walks.
Etelhem's home village association is an active and driven association that works for a living parish. On behalf of the landowners, the association now also ensures that accessible and long-term sustainable fishing is maintained in one of the parish's two swamps - Sigvalde and Hageby swamps. Fishing in the swamp can be done all year round and is suitable for young people as well as adults.
Sigvalde Swamp:
Sigvalde träsk is one of Gotland's many unique small lakes that are locally called träsk. However, the use of the word swamp can create confusion as some are surprisingly deep for their size. Sigvalde swamp is a good example. The swamp is relatively small with an area of about 5 ha, but with a maximum depth of an impressive 16 metres, the swamp is actually one of the deeper ones on Gotland.
Sigvalde swamp and its surroundings are a perfect destination for relaxation in beautiful nature, cooling baths, hiking along the winding paths and, not least, for fishing.
The fishing is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced! The water is easily reached from the beach or by following the path along the edge of the mountain and the forest on the southern side of the swamp.

Note! Crayfish Conservation Area.
This means that in the swamp it is forbidden, without prior disinfection, to use fishing gear and to launch boats or other flotation devices that have been used in fresh water outside the protection area.
More information about the crayfish protection area and disinfection can be found on signs at the swamps.

Welcome to enjoy the fishing and outdoor life in Etelhem!

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.

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Etelhem Fiskekortsområde

Organization number: 834000-9011

Customer number: 3371, Area: 3430.

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Ola Eriksson
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