Södra Bunns FVOF

Bunn (Södra Bunn)

Södra Bunn's FCAASödra Bunnsjön is picturesque and easily accessible for fishing. Only 30 min from Jönköping and 15 min from Gränna .The lake has an abundance of fish fauna, the most common being perch, pike and pike-perch. Södra Bunn has excellent spawning and rearing environments for the lake's fish …

Norra Bunns FVOF

Bunn (Norra och Mellan)

Bottom fishing is rated as regional especially valuable with significant recreational fishing. The bottom , which is actually 3 lakes, is located about 4 km southeast of Gränna. The altitude of the sea is 196 .5 m, ie about 107 m above the surface of Vättern. The bottom is …

Fish species

 Perch  Plentiful  Pike  Plentiful
 Zander  Few  Common bream  Plentiful
 Roach  Plentiful  Burbot  Few
 Common rudd  Normal  Tench  Few
 Signal crayfish  Plentiful  Smelt  Normal
 Ruffe  Common  Vendace  Rare
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