Bjärsens FVOF

  • Winter fishing Bjärsen 2018
  • Boat at mountain slope in Bjärsen 2018. Photo; L-Å Gustafson
  • A heron in Bjärsen 2018.


  Östergötlands län / Linköping municipality.

Bjärsen is a forest lake south of Linköping, approx. 136 ha in size. The lake has a good supply of pike, perch and planted zander. Fishing is best done from your own boat that is already stationed in the lake, or from land. We only use electric motors. In winter, pimples work well.

When using fishing equipment and boats in the lake, ensure that these are dry and clean in order not to risk the spread of the new invasive crayfish discovered in Lake Vättern.

There is a small road at the southern end of the lake where you can park to get to the shore.

For charts with, among other things, depth information and for other information, see contact details below.

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Bjärsens FVOF

Logo Bjärsens FVOF

Bjärsen's fish conservation area was established in 1980. The purpose of the business is to coordinate fishing and fisheries management and to promote the common interests of the fishery rights holders.

Fishing is granted to the public through the sale of fishing licenses. Fishing is then carried out on the basis of the regulations that apply to the practice of fishing.

Organization number: 202100-2270*

*Register-keeping authority (e.g. a County Administrative Board)
Customer number: 694, Area: 654.

Contact persons

Lars-Åke Gustafson

0703 - 55 75 12


  • Magnus Hermelin 0705 - 33 20 81
  • Lars-Åke Gustafson 0703 - 55 75 12
  • Meta Svensson 0722 - 02 01 00


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