Gysingeforsarnas FVOF


Dalälven (Gysingeforsarna)

  Gävleborgs län / Sandviken municipality

Gysingeforsarnas FVOF offers an exciting fishfishing with trout and harr. By the way, there are plenty of perch and goose.

Wind shelters and rest areas are found in beautiful culture and natural environment.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

Gysingeforsarnas FVOF

Organization number: 802600-1506

Fisheries area with board of seven persons and alternate. Manages and gives fish to the public.

Customer number: 970, Area: 925.

Contact persons

SMS nummer för tips samt problem.
072 859 08 40

Agneta Lennartsson:
070 - 546 39 61


Fishing areas nearby Gysingeforsarnas FVOF

Tyttboforsen, Balforsen (Dalälven)
Dalälven (Söderfors-Hedesunda), Hjällsjön
Öjaren m fl sjöar
Järndammen, Silvköparen, Långforsen m fl vatten

Affiliated fishing areas in Gävleborgs län
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