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Dalälven (Söderfors-Hedesunda), Hjällsjön

  Gävleborgs län and Uppsala län / Tierp and Gävle municipality.

“One of Sweden's most interesting areas when it comes to fishing for pike, perch and pike. The area is very varied with large bays, calm streams and canals in delta landscapes that replace each other. “- Mikael Engström, fish writer in Fishing for All.

The Dalälven river here has the character of lake with many islands with some stretches of stream fishing.

The waters of Hjällsjön offer fishing for implanted rainbow trout. A disabled bridge crosses the lake. A special fishing permit (supplement) is required for fishing in the lake and a maximum of three rainbows / fishermen and 24 hours apply. Grass sharp implanted to keep the lake clean from plants, these must always be re-exposed in case of catch.

In Söderfors there is a nightly guarded marina with guest pier and adjoining camping. In connection with the Dalälven in Söderfors and Hedesunda there are also campsites with kiosk, barbecue and sauna for those who want to spend the night and eat in connection with the fishing. At the boat harbor in Söderfors and in several other places around the river there are excellent opportunities to launch your own boat.

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Söderfors-Hedesunda FVF.
 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.

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Rainbow trout


Endast Hjällsjön!





Grass carp


Endast Hjällsjön och enbart återutsättning!!

Söderfors-Hedesunda FVF

Organization number: 802426-8388

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The Fisheries Association manages and cares for fishing in a part of Dalälven in the fishing area.
We also run a put & take water in Hjällsjön on our own.

The Fisheries Association strives to achieve a fishing water that is productive and sustainable in the long term. This means that the possibilities of the water for fish production shall be utilized and that the fishery rules shall be adapted to the ecological conditions and the association's goals.

An important part of the management plan was to design and establish fish rules that should contribute to a high-quality fishery.

Customer number: 1117, Area: 1077.

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Christer Sundbom:


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