Fillingsjöns FVOF


Fillingsjön, Håltjärnet, Orsbytjärnen m fl vatten

  Västra Götalands län / Bengtsfors municipality.

Fillingsjön with adjacent pond and watercourses is located in an old agricultural and forestry area in northwestern Dalsland. This part of the landscape is called a forest valley, which is characterized by coniferous forests, large elongated lakes and a variety of smaller lakes and ponds.

Fillingsjön gets its water from Gottarsbyälven and Holtaneälven and the lake empties via Årbolsälven in Ärtingen at the power plant dam in Årbol. The pea is in turn connected to Lelången.

In Fillingsjön there is plenty of perch and pike and catches of perch up to 1kg and pike up to 10kg are not uncommon.

In the lake, the association has built a boat ramp at Sandviken.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

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Fillingsjöns FVOF

Fillingsjön's FVOF was formed in 1989 and manages fishing in Fillingsjön with adjacent ponds and watercourses. The association's purpose is to coordinate fishing and fisheries management in the area by removing obstacles to migration and laying out gravel beds and rice vases.

Every year a fishing competition is arranged.

Fillingsjön's fishery conservation area is also available on Bengtsfors Kommunfiskekort .

Organization number: 562500-5243

Customer number: 3058, Area: 3063.

Contact persons

Anders Lindgren

073-268 23 48




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