• Mountain fishing in the rain
  • August twilight
  • Silkentjakk
  • coffee Cooking
  • Björkvattnet
  • chicken water
  • Ice cream in mountain environment
  • Trolling on a smaller scale
  • Should be started in time
  • Junsterklumpen
  • Jormsjön
  • Trout fishing in Feb 2020
  • Mountain Environment
  • Winter fishing on Jormsjön
  • The northernmost water on the Frostvik map
  • Trolling on Jormsjön 4 rods allowed
  • Winter fishing on Jormsjön
  • Early Spring
  • fine chars
  • Silessjaure northern part of Frostviken, Ice thickness 2.7m
  • Ice fishing in the middle of May
  • Summer fishing 2021 begins
  • Fine char in the forest bay Kvarnbergsvattnet March 2022
  • The Frostvik card is valid from Lidsjöberg
  • Boat rentals
  • Ice cream in mountain environment
  • One worm on the other assists
  • Combined fishing and scooter excursion
  • Fågelsjön


  Jämtlands län / Strömsund municipality.

Frostviken card - a card for a 14 km long area with 124 water!

Frostviken - a fishing paradise in northern Jämtland
Frostviken. Just the name gets many anglers to spin. This mythical region in northern Jämtland has been a rare attraction for recreational fishermen and other nature lovers ever since the 19th century. Here in the upper parts of Ströms Vattudal are lakes and streams like a glittering pearl band, guarded by high mountains and deep forests. With small villages here and there along the Vildmarksvägen, as welcoming oases in the wilderness.
In Frost Bay there are all kinds of fishing environments and species. Streams, mountain and forest stars, lakes, flies, rivers and streams. Trout and char, grayling and whitefish, perch and pike. There are easily accessible fishing waters near the motorway, and here there are more punitive targets in unspoilt mountains and fields. Here is a fishing for ALL categories of recreational anglers!

Popular mountain fishing
Frostviken's mountain world is at the top of Jämtland's roof, and it is not only geographically that Frostviken is at the top of Jämtland - sport fishing is among the best in our mountains.

Noble fish - trout and char
In the watercourses there are only noble fish - trout and char! There are plenty of good fishing waters in the reindeer grazing mountains and in the arctic landscape - lakes, ponds, streams, streams and streams.

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Frostvikenkortet.
 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.

Fish species

Brown Trout











Logo Frostvikenkortet

The Frostvikenkortet is a collaboration between 10 local fisheries management areas and three charter fishing areas; Ankarvattnet–Lejaren KFO, Hela Leipikvattnet staten and SCA, Kycklingvattnet KFO, Stora Blåsjön SAMF, Jormvattnets FVO , Kvarnbergsvatnets FVO , Björkvattnets FVO , Gäddede FVO, Håkafot–Häggnäsets FVO, Fågelbergets FVO , Risede FVO , Lidsjöbergs FVO and Övre Vattudalens FVO .

A fishing license that stretches from Lidsjöberg Risede in the south to Leipikkvatnet in the north. Nice and beautiful location after Vildmarksvägen with many opportunities for fantastic fishing

From 2022, annual passes for the Frostvik card will be SEK 2,000/person. Additional annual pass for husband, wife cohabiting and children up to 17 years SEK 1,000. The annual pass is personal. Can be solved at Ifiske

Permanent residents and written within the limits of the Frostvik card can redeem annual cards for SEK 1,000, + SEK 500 for Spouse husband cohabiting. The annual pass is bought from retailers in the area, property and address must be stated.

The Frostviken card is administered by Jormvattnet's FVOF. In parallel with the sale of the Frostviken card, the sale of fishing cards continues within the respective fishing management area/community association.

Organization number: 893201-5665

Customer number: 980, Area: 935.

Contact persons

Bengt Blom
070 - 363 50 90


Fishing areas nearby Frostvikenkortet

Kycklingvattnet KFO
Gäddede FVO
Lill-Blåsjön m fl vatten
Jormsjön m fl vatten
Stora Blåsjöns SAMF

Affiliated fishing areas in Jämtlands län
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