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  • Kivijärvi 2023
  Norrbottens län / Haparanda municipality.

Haparanda Sport fishing club for all children and adults interested in fishing.
The club organizes various fishing competitions in Kivijärvi (the club's own lake) or in the areas around Haparanda-Torneå.
We place particular emphasis on activities with young people.
Haparanda Sportfiskeklubb plants rainbow trout every summer in the lake. The fishing license to Kivijärvi costs SEK 150/day for non-members and a discounted price for members SEK 100/day.
You can also buy a fishing license at the Sporthuset in Haparanda and at the Seskarö kiosk.
Kivijärvi is a lake, with an area of approx. 5 hectares.
You can see the location of the lake in the attached directions.
It is only 300 m from the parking lot.
Around the lake there are stilts.
In autumn, the surroundings of the lake are a good place to pick berries and mushrooms.
Wind protection:
On the beach there is a tent and two wind shelters.
Fires are permitted in marked fire places.

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Haparanda SFK.

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