Helgasjöns FVO G Län


Helgasjön Växjö

  Kronobergs län / Växjö municipality.
Helgasjön - part of Mörrumsåns water system - located north of Växjö with about 55 km2 area. Down to 26m deep, freshly flowing, nutritionally poor water with well-balanced PH. Hundreds of islands, many coves and healthy as well as four major fjords. Here we mainly fish perch, goose, pike, brax, mört - but also other exciting species. The lake has a well-prepared chart with int. standard. Plenty of places of business, lodging and service. Fishing licenses are sold and several docks and boat ramps are available.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.

Helgasjöns FVO G Län

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Helgasjöns fvo manages the fish in Helgasjön.

The association operates active fish farming and is working on developing a management and development plan. This will lead us to manage the resources of the lake in an ecologically correct and sustainable manner.

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Organization number: 829502-3025

Customer number: 633, Area: 593.

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