Innarens FVOF



  Kronobergs län / Växjö Municipality.

Welcome to fish and experience a fantastic lake with a fine and clear water and with forested hills on the horizon. Here you will find a good stock of coarse perch and of course also the most common freshwater fish. There has also been reported the occurrence of molds.

The interior has a water surface of 1600 ha and has a water depth of 19 m.

The inflow takes place essentially from woodland and through Areström to the east. Here you will also find the resting place at road 23 with Cafiket which is open in summer. The outlet to Helgasjön takes place in the western part through Rottneån.

You will find the best option for laying in your boat at Rottne bathing place, the mountain, or at the bathing place in Brittatorp.

The island of Arnö is located in the eastern part and is well worth a visit. Växjö Stift has erected a bird tower on the northern tip where you can sit and search for fish candles and larch falcon. Storlom also breeds in the lake and, through its heather, gives a special character of the wilderness atmosphere to the lake.

You can find simple barbecue places on Kalvö and on Slättö.

Take with you from Innaren finfine perch and a memorable nature experience.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 17. (Special rules or exceptions may apply, Read more...)

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Innarens FVOF

Innarens FVOF förvaltar fisket i hela Innaren.

Vårt långsiktiga mål är att etablera en fiskväg mellan Helgasjön och Innaren, bevara ett unikt abborrbestånd samt vara en referenssjö utan gös till skydd för abborrbeståndet.

Contact persons

Johan Svensson:
070 - 661 41 37

Tomas Spjuth:
070 - 588 87 60


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Affiliated fishing areas in Kronobergs län
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