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  Kronobergs län / Växjö and Alvesta Municipality.

Within the Holy River fishing area, fishing is available to the public in parts of Holy River , Lake Furen , Gemlasjön , Kråkesjön and Räppe Canal .

fishing tips

highway Bridge
The currents downstream of the National Road Bridge are classic. Here, the majority of all great ferns and coffins have been captured. You see the fine currents very well when you cross the bridge. However, be careful where you dip the hook for fishing is only allowed downstream of the red-marked poles, about 100 m downstream of the bridge. The area attracts ferns from several km of calm-flowing water downstream and a hook eaten with a piece of bread or shrimp tails here usually give some really big ferns every year. The caterpillar gets under way during the high summer around the water lily belts. The largest documented caterpillar is a summer fish of 1,300 g. The fish are in good condition, but a few hectares more should be the reward for those who find the caterpillar before play. So far, no one has seen a glimpse of Romstinna's coffins, but no serious attempts have been made either. At the highway bridge it has taken several large birches and roach of 800 gr.

The farmhouse
On the slow-flowing stretches downstream of the highway bridge, there are many fine stream edges and backwater with overhanging swaths to fish. The Holy Ghost divides itself into two furrows upstream of the Bondgården and the eastern one is most interesting. There are many gems here, but the really big ones seem to be missing. In early spring and especially in the fall, some fine roaches were caught on this stretch.

Fe: et
The fishing grounds at the Fe are not really exciting at first glance, but really big fishermen have been caught here. The fairy is the first shallower part of the river all the way up to the farm. If you get a little further from the footbridge that crosses the river, you can find nice fishing spots both upstream and downstream. However, the terrain downstream of the footbridge is not gracious to an upturned 11-foot bottom fishing rod. At the Feet, large birches and larvae have also been caught. Parking space for 2-3 cars along Öjavägen.

boar's Lair
The wild boar hole is one of the larger deep holes in the river, both in terms of surface and depth, which is just over six meters. The name comes from the nearby wild boar fence and associated game restaurant. The river divides into two canals a couple of hundred meters upstream and at Vildsvinshole both the canals open and form several exciting fishing spots. Early spring fishing is good if high tide is not. Turtle is the best thing, but large birches can also be taken. However, overwintering ferns and caterpillars are more difficult to flirt with. Large pike must also have been caught in the wild boar hole.

Den Brink
The brink hole is the largest deep hole in the river. There are mainly large and large birches here, but also some occasional ferns. The fishing pressure is low, there is rarely any specimen meter here. The Brinkehole is well frequented by spin fishermen as there is free passage for boats between Brinkehole and Gemlasjön upstream.

From the wild boar hole to the Fe
Below the wild boar hole, the Holy Ghost changes character. The river has been chosen to prevent flooding of surrounding arable land. When echoing down the entire distance down to the Fe, the depth in the middle groove shows between 3-7 m, with most of the depth around 5 m deep. Large parts of the river are bordered by snowdrops and large altars and there will be more and more interesting fishing places the closer the Fe comes. The distance between Vildsvinsholan and the Fe has non-existent fishing pressure and the one who likes pioneer fishing has found the right one. Large birch, caterpillar, pike and periodically even the ferns can be deceived on the route. Accessibility is currently limited from land, but the fisheries area is currently reviewing this.

Furen, Gemlasjön & Kråkesjön
Three interesting lakes for most whitefish species. The caterpillar fishing at the water lily edges can sometimes be very good. All lakes are quite difficult to reach from shore so boat is recommended. If you measure up a place in one of the lakes, you can have fun fishing for there are plenty of suckers, caterpillars, bream and roach. Ice fishing in winter has yielded several pike over ten kg in all three lakes and in Furen unexpectedly large perch, around 1.8 kg at its largest.

As usual, the best fishing spots are very close to roads and parking lots. If you want to go a bit and dare to test new places, there is much left to discover in the Holy river. However, there are not many streams with low fishing pressure, but there are most deeper and more calm floating parts, but on the other hand these are virtually unspoiled. . The fishery area is working to improve access to the river. Information on this and about suitable parking facilities will be on the website, but before that, be sure to park so that you do not obstruct agricultural machinery and the like. Feel free to ask in the nearest house.

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Helige Å FVOF.

Fish species

Brown Trout


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Helige Å FVOF

Holy Å Fishing Area Association was formed in 1985.
Holy Å is the name of the part of Mörrumsån's main ridge that lies between Helgasjön and Lake Salen. Within Växjö and Alvesta municipalities. The fall height between Helgasjön and Salen is about 21 meters. Most of the river is calm but is interrupted by shorter currents. The route includes several lakes, Bergkvarasjön, Kråkesjön, Gemlasjön and Furen before the outlet to Salen. Along the Holy River there is an extensive mobile outdoor life, mainly sport fishing and canoeing between Helgasjön and Getnögård in the lake Åsnen.

Customer number: 634, Area: 594.

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