Långan, Hårkan, Indalsälven

  Jämtlands län / Östersund municipality.

With the Treälvskortet you can fish from the lower part of Storsjön, Indalsälven down to the municipal border towards Ragunda and Nedre Långan and Nedre Hårkan.

The Treälv card gives you opportunities to fish during the day in Långan and change to Hårkan in the evening.

You fish from a boat or kayak in Indalsälven and Lundsjön. You can fish in small forest streams with trout and grayling, hunt large pike in the Indalsälven or choose the quiet parts of Hårkan and Långan.

All leased water within each area is included in the joint card.



A collaboration between five fisheries conservation areas with a common fishing license.

Incoming fisheries conservation areas are: Litsbygdens FVO , Granboforsens FVO , Hissmofors FVO, Nedre Långans FVO and Nedre Hårkans FVO . The collaboration started in 2002 between four fisheries conservation areas, in 2017 the collaboration was expanded with another when Hissmofors FVO joined.

Organization number: 893202-7256

Customer number: 3090, Area: 3091.

Contact persons

Göte Hällestrand
070-358 43 16


Fishing areas nearby Treälvskortet

Granboforsen, Indalsälven m fl vatten
Nedre Hårkan
Hissmofors FVOF
Sandvikssjön, Edsforsen m fl vatten

Affiliated fishing areas in Jämtlands län
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