Nedre Hårkans FVOF

  • Early summer at Husholmen
  • Trout in Mångan
  • Multiple
  • Queen of the streams - theirs
  • The important chef-coffee

Nedre Hårkan

  Jämtlands län / Östersund municipality

Lower Hårkan fishing area; The lower parts of this river, which have their source streams in Norway, are mainly known for their grayling, but there is also a nice trout that seems to thrive and increase in their numbers.

Here you have the opportunity for fine fishing in a wonderful environment and also the chance to catch really fine specimens of "the queen of the streams" - theirs. Not uncommon with specimens around 1 kilo, fish over 1.5 kilos are caught occasionally. Trout between 2-3 kilos and larger are caught regularly. Nightlanders dominate the menu for fishermen in this water, which means that evening / night fishing is often the best time for fishing.

Harp fishing is usually best after midsummer and lasts September. The route is suitable for fly fishing with calm streams that are easily waded in most places. Calm deeper seals that also fit the spin fisherman. Spinning fishing may also be preferred during the early season due to the high water level.

Fishing spots that can be recommended are the Medseleströmmen, Husholmen, Holmen, Oxforsen, around the island of Framstensøre, Brattstan, Hammaren and Prisgårdsbryggan.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

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Nedre Hårkans FVOF

Organization number: 892000-8029

The purpose of the Lower Hårkans Fishing Conservation Area, with statutes from 1977, is to promote fishery conservation and fishing, to safeguard the interests of fishermen, to prevent and prosecute illegal and illegal fishing, to provide fishing to the public with the necessary restrictions due to fishery reasons.

Customer number: 782, Area: 742.

Contact persons

Per Salomonsson:

070 - 524 81 69


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