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  Västernorrlands län / Ånge municipality.

Welcome to Borgsjö Central Fisheries Conservation Area!

Älven Ljungan - from in the west Brännorna and "Kanalen" to Hermanboda power plant in the east along the villages Hallsta, Ensillre, Hermanboda on the north side and Parteboda, Önsta, Västerede and Ede on the south side.

Fishing for pike, perch, trout, grayling, tench and id. Calm water, shallow and deep about every other and flowing water with a chance of grayling and trout. Best accessible by boat, but it also goes well from land. Boat can be put in at Partebodabron. Think about the risk of infection (crayfish plague) and act carefully and follow instructions when inserting a boat. Several windbreaks with fireplaces are located along the river. Boat engine allowed

Torråstjärn with put- and take fishing on char and rainbow trout. NOTE separate fishing license! Fabulously beautiful pond with equally fabulous fishing on large bångstyrig char and large bumblebees to rainbow. Ice fishing premiere on New Year's Eve and summer premiere in June. Dates for fishing on Torråstjärn vary, see special facilities and website for exact information.

We continuously use custom-made rainbow trout and char, never less than half a kilo and up to a kilo. Rainbows that grow fast have been caught on weights up to over 2 kilos. Make sure you have a long and strong line when the torpedoes bite. Char also requires stable stuff, but also scissors and technology. Char is char.

In summer there are two boats available for rent, no own boats or engines allowed, floating is ok. Bridge and paths around land to find the right places. spring / summer 2021, we will build a windbreak, new piers and gangways to improve fishing opportunities.

No one goes home disappointed from Torråstjärn!

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

Fish species

Rainbow trout


Endast i Put&Take Torråstjärn



Endast i Put&Take Torråstjärn



Från små till riktigt stora, hitta rätt plats och lyckan är din!



Återutsätt gärna!





Brown Trout





Finns, men fiskas i liten omfattning, prova i forsen vid Hallsta skola.



Stora sutare finns nere i Västeredeområdet.



Enstaka nyligen planterade som smitit in till oss.



Återplantering efter pest pågår. Fiske förbjudet



Borgsjö Mellersta FVOF

Borgsjö Middle Fisheries Management Association - BMFVO is a fisheries management area that consists of seven villages Hallsta, Ensillre, Hermanboda on the north side of the river and Parteboda, Önsta, Västerede and Ede on the south.

BMFVO conducts fisheries conservation with the aim of offering rich sport fishing for all types of fishermen in the waters we have at our disposal.

We constantly try to develop sport fishing with active measures such as windbreaks, boats, piers, planting and supervision.

The main activity has previously been crayfish fishing, but after the arrival of the crayfish plague, we have put all our efforts into good fishing for the general public. And it has proven to have positive effects and has been more fun for us.

Organization number: 802600-0961

Customer number: 3063, Area: 3068.

Contact persons

Örjan Strömberg
076 - 140 52 39

Mats Fhanér
070 - 625 22 15


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