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  Västernorrlands län / Ånge municipality.

Maple iron:
Lönntjärn is a smaller lake with plenty of perch and pike.
Wind protection is available along the eastern edge.
Mycksjön is a fantastically beautiful lake with clear water and beautiful nature. The lake contains a fine population of planted chars but also plenty of perch, trout and some large grayling. Lake exists but rare.
For those who do not want to fish from the association's boat, which is available to borrow for free, you can fish from shore as there is a good road network around large parts of the lake.
Swimming area with benches and fireplace is right next to the road so everyone can access it.

During 2022, chars of 400–500 grams and some of around 4-5 kg were planted.

During 2023, chars of approx. 900 grams were planted.

Black Tar:
Svarttjärn contains a population of perch, but also some larger chars remain which have been exposed for a few years.
Getterån is a fantastically fine stream where there is a good stock of trout and perch. A good place if you want to stream or fish with a casting rod. Wind shelter and fireplace as well as a magically beautiful nature campsite can be found along the river.
There is also a disabled dock here.
In Fettjärn there is a stock of char, trout and perch.
Association boat is available to borrow. Other boats are prohibited.
New construction lake:
Nybyggesjön is a smaller lake located in the Jämtgaveln nature reserve. Next to the lake there is a cottage with a nice aluminum boat which is open to everyone all year round. There is a nice stock of trout and perch here!
There is also a windbreak down by the lake that is managed by the county board.
In winter, there are nice snowmobile trails right up to the cabin.
Fine marked paths all the way up to the cabin for those who want to hike.
In summer, there is also good fishing in Ovån, where you can catch really nice trout in the stream.
Avan, Avabäcken, Svartjärn and Baktjärn:
There is a good stock of Perch and Trout here.

 Fiskeområdet är tillgänglighetsanpassat. För mer information, se fiskeområdets karta där punkter är utmärkta eller kontakta Borgsjöbyns FVOF.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

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Borgsjöbyns FVOF

The fisheries management area has been active for over 80 years and the aim is to create a nice and good fishery for all people.

The area has poor reception in many places, so make sure you get your fishing license before you go.

Organization number: 889201-8121

Customer number: 3346, Area: 3405.

Contact persons

Andreas Grelsson
073 - 042 05 11

Tomas Johansson

070 - 654 80 07


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