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Torringen, Övertjärn, Nedertjärn

  Västernorrlands län / Ånge and Bräcke Municipality.

Torringen is probably the lake most known to the public. It has a trout stock that has been here since the ice age. Sick, perch and trout are also available.
The lake is partially within the nature reserve Jämtgaveln .
Here you can read about the history of the area.
Discharge of play gravel 2010

Upper Pond and Lower Pond are two easily accessible smaller lakes that have a stock of perch and pike. Some trout can also be found in these waters.
Gubby Grössjön, Tälje Grössjön and Taljeeviken contain plenty of perch and pike.
In the small ponds north of Torringen there are perch and brook trout that sometimes grow and grow a little larger.

Täljeån has a rich stock of brook trout.

Tälje-Näset's fishing conservation area has existed in slightly different geography and form since the autumn of 1932. The association was formed to arrange an extensive poaching on the autumn charring game. Fishing care has always been conducted in most of the waters. In the past, the focus was more on putting out fish, and for a period they had their own fish farming in ponds.
Nowadays, we try to improve the fish's conditions to grow itself, and we have improved and expanded some playgrounds for both trout and char.

You can also find us at fiskekartan.se

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 18. (Special rules or exceptions may apply, Read more...)

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Enbart i Torringen.







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Tälje-Näsets FVOF

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Tälje-Näsets FVO har som målsättning att främja fisket på ett så naturligt sätt som möjligt inom området.
Sjön Torringen ligger delvis inom naturreservatet Jämtgaveln
Här kan du läsa om områdets historia.
Fiskevårdsområdet deltar akivt i ett projekt för att återinsätta flodkräftor i Ljungan.
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Lasse Karlsson:

073 - 069 85 40


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