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Västernorrland County is located in the eastern part of central Norrland. To the surface is Västernorrland Sweden's sixth largest county and the residential town is Härnösand. Nature offers variety with a coastal landscape to the east and a forest and mountain landscape to the west. You will find a wealth of different fishing waters in western Norway, such as rivers, lakes, rivers and seas. There are very good conditions for various types of sports and leisure fishing, ranging from fishing along the coast to lakes and waterways from south to north. Herring, salmon, harr, perch and pike are some of the species found in the waters.

Affiliated fishing areas in Ånge

  Dellenbygdens FVO
This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Dellenbygdens FVO.
In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.

  Tälje-Näsets FVOF
 Yep, We sell permits for this area!We don't sell permits in this area

The most recent catch reports

Thomas Sundvisson, 20-07-11
 Dellensjöarna, Svågan mfl
 Fishing method:Fly fishing (one handed)
 Best lure/bait:Flies - Dry Fly
 • 3 fish(es) Brown Trout  at a total of 1.0 kg, Avg. Weight 0.33 kg.  (  No, released!)
Anders Tegnér, 20-07-03
 Dellensjöarna, Svågan mfl
 Fishing method:Jerkbait
 Best lure/bait:Jig / Soft Bait (Fish-like)
 Norra Delllen
 • 2 fish(es) Perch  at a total of 0.3 kg, Avg. Weight 0.15 kg.  "King on crispbread!"
Johanna Blank, 20-06-30
 Dellensjöarna, Svågan mfl
 Fishing method:Nät
 • 1 fish(es) Perch  at 0.4 kg.  "Estimated weight, had no balance. 32 cm long perch."
Jörgen Mohlin, 20-06-08
 Dellensjöarna, Svågan mfl
 Fishing method:Jerkbait
 Norra dellen
 • 4 fish(es) Pike  at a total of 25.0 kg, Avg. Weight 6.25 kg.  (  No, released!)
Torgny Stridh, 20-05-15
 Dellensjöarna, Svågan mfl
 Fishing method:Jerkbait
  "Little wakes"
 • No fish
Björn Sundholm, 20-04-12
 Torringen, Övertjärn, Nedertjärn
 Fishing method:Pimpel
 Best lure/bait:Pirk
 • 3 fish(es) Char  at a total of 0.1 kg, Avg. Weight 0.03 kg.  "Got two 2s out on the bear 6-7 time then one until 10am"
Björn Sundholn, 20-04-07
 Torringen, Övertjärn, Nedertjärn
 Fishing method:Pimpel
 Best lure/bait:Earthworm
  "I got 8p trout found out 7p"
 • 8 fish(es) Char  at a total of 1.5 kg, Avg. Weight 0.19 kg.  "They were a cutting period around ten"
Cecilia Fhaner, 20-03-22
 Torringen, Övertjärn, Nedertjärn
 Fishing method:Pimpel
 Best lure/bait:Maggot
 • 9 fish(es) Perch  at a total of 0.4 kg, Avg. Weight 0.04 kg.  "small perch"
Stefan Bergman, 20-03-13
 Torringen, Övertjärn, Nedertjärn
 Fishing method:Pimpel
  "1 hour fishing., 2 trout"
 • 2 fish(es) Char  at a total of 0.5 kg, Avg. Weight 0.25 kg.  "Retained both"
Mats Löfstrand, 19-12-07
 Dellensjöarna, Svågan mfl
 Fishing method:Nät
 Södra Dellen Vattenverk
 • 1 fish(es) Brown Trout  at 4.0 kg.  "Fine part ring about 4 kg or 65 cm long"

Catch reports

The most recent catch reports Ånge kommun 

Fishing guides in Ånge kommun

 Here you will find Guides and Instructors operating in the swedish area of Ånge kommun. Many of these guides also work as freelance guides in other parts of the country and the world.
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