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  Västra Götalands län / Bengtsfors and Mellerud municipality.

The fishing lakes include the following lakes:
Marsjön, Lillesjön, Storsjön, Lysevattnet, Hivattnet, Savetjärn and Torstjärnet.

Marsjön is actually a collection of lakes which, through regulation with channels, have become a continuous lake. It is the source of the Teåkersälven waterway system that eventually flows out into Vänern.

Fishing is very good on perch and pike.

Clear water and wind-protected bays. The lake has a typical wilderness character. Total area: 397.4 HA. Scenic surroundings in historic mills, located north of Bäckefors mill between road 2254 and Torstjärnet's nature reserve.

The nature reserve is located about four kilometers east of Bäckefors, on a tongue between the lakes Torstjärnet and Hivattnet. Torstjärnskogen forest is an old forest with large elements of pine and deciduous trees. The nature reserve is small, but there are still many species that you can almost only find in forests that can manage themselves.

Storsjön is a deep spring lake, while the Hivattnet is a clear water lake with both alternating deeper and shallower areas. The light water is connected to Storsjön through a channel. Traveling by boat along the lake is exciting through all the sound and passages that also constitute fine fishing spots. There are plenty of grounds, islets, coves and inserts that create the unique nature of the lake, which in combination with its size, gives the visitor a total wilderness experience. The views are often spectacular and beautiful with dramatic mountain slopes that plunge into the clear waters. It breeds many ducks and wading birds. Right as it is dives a fish candle or You hear the raven who teases a sea eagle coming from Vänern or why not a close nesting eagle.

The lake has plenty of fish and then mainly perch and pike. There is also some trout in the lake, but they are often quite difficult to fly and are protected.

It is a meditative and calming place where you can travel in peace and quiet.

Launch ramp available, road surface asphalt.
NOTE! The marshes require careful boat driving due to the large amount of stones and shallows! A recommended fairway is marked with sea marks. Watercraft driving is prohibited.

Parking: At the bathing area, limited area.

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Marsjöns FVO.

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Marsjöns FVO

Marsjöns FVO works continuously to improve fishing and accessibility! The fisheries conservation area works for better fishing for the joy of all fishermen!

Marsjön's fisheries conservation area is also available on Bengtsfors Kommunfiskekort .

Welcome wishes the board!

Organization number: 802601-0234

Customer number: 1129, Area: 1091.

Contact persons

Jonas Löfqvist
0705 - 63 20 28


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