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  Västernorrlands län / Härnösand, Kramfors, Sollefteå and Timrå municipality.

We welcome all fishermen who are afraid of nature to fish in our waters.

Mjällån's Fisheries Management Area includes Mjällån, Viksjöån, their tributaries, as well as several lakes and ponds.
The main attraction is Mjällån with its sea trout, but also brook trout and grayling are found here.
In Lalamptjärn, Pörjalamptjärn and Kämelänstjärn put & take on rainbow trout is conducted. In Lalamptjärn and Pörjalamp, char is also put in for the winter fishing.

Mjällån flows through the valley and offers fishing for sea trout, brook trout and grayling. The time for fishing for sea trout extends from the beginning/middle of June and throughout the summer depending on the availability of water in the river. Some tips on good fishing spots along Mjällån's valley:
- The stretch downstream of the Mobron with potholes and curves.
- Ågrena at the confluence of Viksjöån with Mjällån.
- Upstream and downstream Slussen.
- Downstream of Hammarån's outlet in Mjällån.
Pörjalamptjärn and Kämelänstjärn:
Rainbow and char are released in Pörjalamptjärn and rainbow trout are released in Kämelänstjärn.
Stora Vitajärva and Hornsjön:
These lakes are stocked with pike, perch and roach. Nice perch can be had. The lakes have very good water quality.
In Viksjön you can fish with a rod without having to buy a fishing license! Here you can find pike, perch, roach and tench.
The sauna lake:
Here you can find pike, perch and roach. A popular excursion destination in winter for pimpling when you can catch nice perch. Here you can also stop and swim at the beach, which is right next to the dirt road.
Tattar Iron:
Here there is a natural population of trout, although not particularly large, and also perch.
A water with a natural population of trout, but also perch.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.
 Only in company with a keeper / adult / person who holds a valid fishing license (on his quota)

Fish species





Rainbow trout


Lalamptjärn, Pörjalamptjärn Kämelänstjärne





Lalamptjärn, Pörjalamp Vinterfiske



Sea trout




Mjällåns FVO

Organization number: 888000-6112

Customer number: 3255, Area: 3320.

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Lars-Ola Norén
070 535 65 22


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Nedre Indalsälven
Ljustorpsån och Mjällån
Djupsjön, Öravattnet, Selångerån m.fl vatten
Nedre Ljungan

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