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  Västernorrlands län / Sundsvall municipality.

Ljungan is a relatively large river with periodically high water flows, so when it comes to recommended fishing times, remember that water flow plays a big role.

The first sea trout usually appear in Ljungan at the turn of the month July-August. Hot and dry summer a little later, cold and wet summer a little earlier. The first trout are often large, fish of 4-5 kg are not uncommon in August. In September, sea trout rises by 0.5-1 kg. During the autumn, larger trout also come up the river.

The spawning fish is of course brown, but a lot of shiny bile fish rise and it is the one that chops best. Even in November and December, there is a lot of whitefish. From mid-September to the end of November is the best time for fishing. From 15 October to 15 November, fishing is protected due to the spawning of salmon and sea trout.

In March, the winter stocks become more active and the fishing then gets better, now you often get rough fish. The fish is brown, but since sea trout eat all winter, the fish are in good condition. April is also a good month for fishing for the winter stocks.

The snowmelt usually starts around the turn of the month April-May and when the water flow increases, some shiny fish come up in the river. It is rare for any large fish to be caught at this time, the largest weighing up to 2 kg. When the water starts to sink at the end of May, you can have really good fishing for shiny fish in smaller sizes. At high tide, a lot of coarser fish weigh 3-6 kg.

Fishing for salmon is banned for the time being due to weak rejuvenation.

Grayling fishing is usually good from mid-June until the cold makes the fish less active. Especially the autumn fishing in September / October can be very good. Whitefish come up the river in August and fishing can be conducted well into the spring and winter.

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 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 17.

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Nedre Ljungan's Sport Fishing is managed by Nedre Ljungan's fisheries conservation area association and consists of fishing in Ljungan from Viforsen to the mouth of the sea.

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