Bergeforsens FVOF (Hamrin i Rii AB)

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Nedre Indalsälven

  Västernorrlands län / Timrå municipality.

Trout fishing and Salmon fishing 3 Zones and Zone 1 are closest to the power plant and the places must be booked. Zone 2 we rent out boats for trout and salmon fishing Zone 2 has a fly fishing line Zone 3 annual card or daily card

It is possible to buy day passes or annual passes via IFiske on Zone 3

It is only allowed with our rental boats and electric motor on Zone 2.

Zone 3 you can have your own boat with any engine.

Zones 1 and 2 are booked via email see website.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Applies only to zone 3

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Bergeforsens FVOF (Hamrin i Rii AB)

Annelie Hamrin leases sport fishing in Bergeforsen. Lives in the area and through membership in the Fisheries Conservation Area Association has for a long time a good insight into Bergefors fishing.
The business will be conducted in the company Hamrin i Rii AB. Sport fishing will be offered according to the following vision:
"We want to develop sport fishing in Bergeforsen in a long-term and sustainable way to make it accessible to many today and in the future"

Development projects are underway in 2022 to make fishing more accessible thanks to funds from the County Administrative Board LONA, LEADER and BUILDING FUNDS

Bergefors fishing project 2021-2023

A development work by Bergeforsen's Fisheries Conservation Area Association together with landowners, the County Administrative Board and Timrå municipality. Project funding from LEADER, EU Agricultural Fund and LONA

Objectives with project funds to:

  • Improve accessibility to the area, clearing some smaller paths
  • Develop new / current fishing spots with proximity to rest area / windbreak
  • Get new anglers to discover Bergefors fishing
  • Visitors get a better experience and find out about the places
  • Contribute to a better environment by cleaning up in and along the river

Organization number: 559172-4181

Customer number: 3159, Area: 3196.

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Bergeforsens Tätortskarta

Fishing areas nearby Bergeforsens FVOF (Hamrin i Rii AB)

Ljustorpsån och Mjällån
Djupsjön, Öravattnet, Selångerån m.fl vatten
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Affiliated fishing areas in Västernorrlands län
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