Össjasjöns FVOF


Össjöasjön, Gummestasjön, Hampsjön

  Kronobergs län / Ljungby Municipality.

Össsjöasjön is a small island of løvskogskransad lake in the southwestern part of Torpa and Vrå parishes in Kronoberg County. Its area is about 65 hectares, but the surface was slightly larger before the attempts at the mid-1800s. The depth is not impressive, but it is 3 to 3.5 meters in places. The name Össjöasjön is probably a change and extension of the name Öasjön, ie the lake with several islands. This name appears in other places in the country. From Öasjön became Össjön, of which the farm and town name of Össjöa and then Össjöasjön arose. Fishing rights in the lake belong to property owners in the villages Össjöa, Össjöhult and Mosslunda.

The area consists of Össjöasjön, Össjöas part of Bäjseltasjön, Gummestasjön, Hampsjön, Össjabäcken and Gummestabäcken.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14. (Special rules or exceptions may apply, Read more...)

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Össjasjöns FVOF

Össjasjöns fiskevårdsområde was formed in 2008 after the lake previously belonged to Vänneån's fish care area since 1979. Before that, Össja Lake's Fisheries Association had been formed in 1936.

Pike perch and roach are fished in Össjöasjön, Gummestasjön and Hampsjön.

Customer number: 635, Area: 595.

Contact persons

Börje Gudmundsson
Össjöa Värabacken
287 93 Strömnäsbruk
Tel. 035-811 38


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