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  Åby Älvs Nedre FVOF

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Sport fishing with hand gear in the river is allowed after redeeming the fishing license.

Our supervisors ensure that they are followed. In the event of any violations of the rules of the fisheries conservation area, a control fee may be charged as shown below. Violation of other rules can lead to a police report.

If you see or catch sick / injured fish, the FVO wants you to report it to SVA. (Statens Veterinämedicinska anstalt.) Https://rapporterafisk.sva.se/

Dates and Quotas:

  • Allowed to fish salmon but not to kill it for the 2022 season
  • Salmon is prohibited from fishing from 1 September to 31 December.
  • Trout are prohibited from fishing during the period 1 September - 14 October.
  • Catch limitation at other times of a maximum of 1 trout per day and 2 trout per year and fishermen.
  • Grayling is prohibited from fishing April 15 - May 31. To protect the spawning grayling, the FVO recommends refraining from grayling fishing before 14 April.
  • A total fishing ban prevails in the river during the period 1 September - 14 October.

Minimum dimensions:

  • Salmon 50 cm Trout 50 cm Grayling 35 cm

Note that fishermen should avoid wading in the river and not fish where trout and salmon spawn.

Stop fishing for salmon, trout and grayling at high water temperatures

The FVO has its own thermometer / flow meter and information about water temperature and flow in the river is posted on the website. www.balalven.se.

The Fisheries Meeting has approved that fishing for salmon, trout and grayling be stopped when the water temperature in the river according to the website is 18 degrees or higher.

Fishermen who have obtained a fishing license are not entitled to compensation for lost fishing days due to high water temperatures.

Other rules according to the regulations of the Swedish Maritime Administration.

Catch reporting:

  • Those who fish are obliged to submit a catch report on trout and salmon over 50 cm within 24 hours after the end of fishing.
  • Information regarding the species, length, number and whether the fish has been killed or re-released must be noted. This must be done via a form at Ifiske. You can choose not to have the catch report published on the website, but only saved for the board and fisheries inspectors.

Inspection fees:

The following inspection fees may be charged if the rules are violated:

  • Killed salmon 2022 SEK 4,000
  • Violation regarding number of trout / year SEK 2,200
  • Violation of the fishing ban 1/9 to 14/10 SEK 2,200
  • Killing of incorrectly hooked salmon (read more below) SEK 1,100
  • Unreported catch report SEK 1,100
  • Not brought valid fishing license SEK 1100
  • Information: In case of violation, you can be contacted by one of our supervisors or women. They will then ask for your personal information. The board then decides whether an inspection fee is to be charged. If this happens, you will be notified of this and a payment card. The decision can be appealed.


  • Feel free to re-release fish that you do not need.
  • To preserve the valuable large spawning fish, it is recommended that you re-release fish larger than the following dimensions:
    Salmon over 90cm
    Trout over 70 cm
    Grayling over 45 cm

Things to keep in mind when releasing fish:

  • Never touch the fish with dry hands.
  • Leave the fish in the water while you loosely hook the hook with peang or seaweed. Hold the fish until it stands on its own, then release gently. Remember not to stress the fish unnecessarily!
  • If the fisherman gets a salmon for a permitted time that he deems is so damaged that it will not survive, the fisheries inspector must be contacted for a decision to kill the salmon. Contact information for fisheries inspectors can be found on the association's website
    Killed salmon go to the village association where the AGM for the year was held and must be handed over to them

Wrongly hooked fish:

  • A really hooked fish should be hooked inside the mouth. The hook should sit in the mouth hooked from the inside out.
  • If the hook is on the outside of the mouth, the fish must be considered incorrectly hooked, and therefore unconditionally re-released dead as alive.

. In tea to forget:

Protect nature and keep it clean! We collaborate with Keep Sweden Clean.
Leave the places you visit the way you want to find them.
If you see something that needs to be fixed or do you want to suggest something, feel free to contact us.

2022-10-01 | https://www.ifiske.se/en/fishing-permit-abyalven-m-fl-vatten.htm?rules=947 | www.ifiske.se
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