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Åbyälven m fl vatten

  Västerbottens län / Skellefteå municipality.

Åbyälven is a 175km long forest river with its source flow in Arvidsjaur municipality, Norrbotten. The last 43km are located in Västerbotten County. The Åby River catchment area is located entirely in the forest land and is thus not significantly affected by the snowmelt in the mountain range. The catchment area consists of a moraine landscape consisting of coniferous forest and bogs with a few large tributaries. After the county boundary up to the outlet, the river is surrounded by an increasing proportion of stretches of agricultural land. The lower stretches fall steeper than any other Norrland river and offer a large number of pleasant currents and rapids. The river is classified as a Natura 2000 area and is considered to have a high species richness, key species such as salmon, otters and freshwater pearl mussels are found in the area. You can also find many rare plant species along the river, such as Västerbotten's landscape flower King Karl's sprout.

Åbyälvens Nedre FVO extends from the freshwater and saltwater border at Renholmen's quay up to the suspension bridge in Blåfors. In addition, the lakes Bastusjön, Åbyträsket and Djupsjön are included. In addition to salmon, there are fine stocks of trout, grayling, perch and pike in the river. In the lakes, pike, perch and roach are common species. The main migration of salmon into the river takes place during spring and early summer.

Åbyälven's lower FVO has an active board with a business plan that includes fisheries management and work to maintain accessible and pleasant fishing.

Åbyälvslaxen is a naturally self-reproducing salmon strain that is unique by Swedish standards. It has not to the same extent as many other Norrland rivers been exposed to other foreign salmon stocks. This means that the salmon in the river is almost genetically identical to the original Åby River salmon.

In the 1990s, great hope was placed on a salmon ladder built at Hednäs power plant. The idea was that the salmon would reach fine spawning grounds and breeding grounds upstream of the power plant and also fine areas in Norrbotten County. Unfortunately, there have been problems with the solutions that were made for up- and down-migration of fish with the result that the population increase of the salmon stock in the Åby River has not materialized. This is the reason why the FVO has introduced stricter rules for fishing for salmon than the authorities' general requirements for salmon-carrying water. We are afraid of our unique salmon strain.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 17.

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Åby Älvs Nedre FVOF

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Åby Älvs Nedre Fiskevårds Area was formed in the late 1980s to carry out the management and management of fishing in the river on behalf of the fishery owners.

The fishing area extends from the fresh and salt water boundary at Renholm's quay up to the suspension bridge in Blåfors. Also included are the lakes Bastusjön, Åbyträsket and Djupsjön.

Organization number: 894702-0635

Customer number: 3010, Area: 3011.

Contact persons

Magnus Larsson, ordförande
070 - 315 34 69  

Mikael Bergh, vice ordförande 
070 - 669 91 35


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