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Stora Aspan, Lilla Aspan, Spjutsjön m fl vatten

  Dalarnas län / Falun Municipality.

The following water is available in the fishing area:
Big Aspan, Little Aspan, Spjutsjön, Hålsjön, Mörtsjön, Stora Illingen, Stråtjärn, Stugutjärn.

Here in our village there are several fine waters to fish in. The numerous perch with their typical stripes and beautiful red fins probably have most people ever tried to fool from any bridge or boat. The bream, which is an appreciated sport fish, swims around in some of the waters, as well as lake that feeds on among other things, roach, groin and lion. In the brook trays, it is possible to sneak after brook trout.

With its crystal clear water lies our fine red lake Spjutsjön embedded in a lovely wilderness. In the summer, the almost undisturbed cleverness of the Big Pocket can be heard through the winter, and the winter fisherman can get his fill of coarse, warlike char and well-grown perch on the ice. Here is fishing ban Oct - Dec. The premiere takes place on New Year's Day and is usually a popular event. Snowy winters can be a good idea to check that the roads are plowed before the premiere, especially for those who are driving from the forest. When the ice thickness is a changing history, we urge caution. All fishing is done at your own risk.

In Hålsjön and in Stora Aspan with its deep sink of over 30 meters, our long-standing fishery work begins to show results. There is now a tribe of fine coarse trout that seems to have been found to be right and thrive. Big Aspan has a boat ramp in the northern end to put in its own boat.

There are plenty of pike in most lakes. In Lilla Aspan there is a lot of pike of varied caliber. Catches of 15-20 pike by angel are not unusual. It also happens that trout are looking down to the lake through Aspån.

Cottage cabin is a wonderful woodland where you can find peace. It's a bit to go to get there, but worth the effort if you want to be yourself for a while.

Cottage cabin as well as nearby Lake Mörtsjön , Stora Illingen and Stråtjärn harbor the most common fishermen.

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 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Aspeboda FVOF.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Valid only in certain waters or in certain places, see fishing rules / comment
 Does not apply to putt and take water.

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Aspeboda FVOF

Aspeboda Fishery Area Association is a non-profit association that works to create as good opportunities for the fish in our lakes and watercourses as possible, and for you to try out the fine waters.

Customer number: 1137, Area: 1099.

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Fredrik Eriksson:
076 - 846 15 99


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