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  Jönköpings län / Nässjö Municipality.
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Pike fishing in Lake Storesjön is excellent and big pike can be caught relatively easy. The biggest known pike from the lake weighed an impressive 15 kilos! During the summer of 2009, a single sport fisherman succeeded with the remarkable catch of two pike of 11 kilos each. Perch are abundant in the lake and perch around half a kilo are ordinary. Under the right conditions, fishing can be really good.
Signal crayfish are fairly common in the lake, but fishing for these is restricted to land owners. The lake also has a sparse population of brown trout. The most used fishing methods are trolling and jigging, but angling, spin fishing and ice angling works out well. There are possibilities to fish either from a boat or from off the shore. 

Lake Storesjön is located in the early stretches of River Emån, 1 km north from Village Bodafors. The 1046-acre lake is rather nutrient-poor and has a maximum depth of 14,5 meters. Its shores are mostly flat and rocky with sparse vegetation. Storesjön serves as water supply for the village of Bodafors. Black throated diver and osprey are frequently seen in the lake. 


Org ID: 255, Area 216

Storesjöns FVO

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Evan Andersson, Grimstorps gård, 571 65 Grimstorp, 0046380-70165 
Åke Andersson, Kyrkogatan 11, 571 61 Bodafors, 0046380-370646
Bill Sundberg, Karsås 2, 571 62 Bodafors, 0046380-370845
Wikströms Järn, Vallbrovägen 3, 571 62 Bodafors, 0046380-370017
Karl-Erik Pettersson, Vallbrovägen 3, 571 62 Bodafors, 0046380-370970

depth map for Lake Storesjön can be downloaded here!

Boat for hire - contact Åke Andersson, Kyrkogatan 11, 571 61 Bodafors, 0046380-370646.

Contact Lars Ekenstjerna, Hagtornsgatan 4A, 571 39 Nässjö, 004670-5511437. 

Close to the lake there are parking lots, a camping ground and a barbeque place. For further information, have a look at the map.

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