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  Jönköpings län / Nässjö Municipality.
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Lake Fredriksdalasjön lies southwest of Nässjö, just south of the village Fredriksdal. The lake is 354 acres in size, with a greatest depth of nearly 11 meters. Fishing for pike, perch and most of all pikeperch is what draws most attention to the lake among sport fishermen.
The fishing area management association works actively with different actions which favour the fish population. One example is the putting of pike-perch fry in the lake. In the last years, fishing has been really good and from time to time visiting anglers can rejoice at pikeperch between five and seven kilos. The lake is also inhabited by strong populations of pike and perch. Lake Fredriksdalasjön is flat in its northern parts, but further south it deepens faster and outside the island in the southwest part is the deepest point of the lake, almost 11 meters. 


Org ID: 246, Area 207

Fredriksdalasjöns FVO

boat ramp and boat for hire can be found southeast of Fredriksdal by the northern part of the lake. To hire the boat, please contact Kenneth Petersson, see above.


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