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  Västerbottens län / Vilhelmina municipality.

Lake Volgsjön's fisheries management area consists of the lakes Volgsjön, Fatsjön, Baksjön, Insjön, Svansjön, Skärsjön and associated watercourses.

Lake Volgsjön Fvo contains a number of lakes of traditional Swedish type with Pike and Perch as a base but also has a solid population of Trout, Grayling and Whitefish, these mainly stay along the channel of Lake Volgsjön (from Bullerforsen to Volgsjöfors).
Trout/Harr are also found in abundance at Volgsjön's tributaries and other streams, the areas marked with rings on the attached map which you will find further down on this page (window extraction also applies here, see below under catch restrictions).

The lakes within the fisheries management area are relatively shallow and rich in nutrients, for example the greatest depth in Lake Volg is about 17 m.

Depth maps
Volgsjön and Baksjön are mapped with Garmin sonar and can be downloaded to the free app
"Garmin active captain" instructions for the procedure can be found on the pdf at the bottom of the page.
Depth maps of a simpler model can also be found at https://sodralappland.nu/djupkartor/djupkartorvilhelmina/

Boat launch sites, rest areas and wind shelters are marked on the attached area map.

Baksjötjärn with Rainbow fishing at Vilhelmina's southern entrance is not included in the fishing license , for fishing in this installation water a separate fishing license is required.

Description of the lakes . The fish species found in the lakes are marked on the attached area map. a description also follows below

Lake Volga:
Volgsjön is a lake of traditional Swedish type with Perch and Pike in large format. Here there is a solid stock of Trout, Grayling and Whitefish that mainly stay along the channel from Bullerforsen to Volgsjöfors.
Trout are also found in greater abundance at the lake's inflows and other currents, see on the map, the areas marked with rings (window extraction also applies here, see below under catch restrictions).
The lake also has a large population of whitefish consisting of 4 different genetic species (according to Umeå University)
Driving a boat in the Volgsjön: in the area northeast of Karlsbacka, around the islands, here there are plenty of rocks that lie just below the surface, even at a depth of 3 meters there are large rocks that reach just below the surface.
Download the garmin "active captain" app to avoid hitting rocks, instructions for how to proceed can be found on the pdf at the bottom.
Lake Insjön: As part of Lake Volga, it shares the fish stock with the larger lake.

Baksjön: Motorboats are prohibited in this lake
Baksjön is locally known for its large perch, there are also pike and a smaller amount of whitefish.

Fatsjön is a lake rich in basic nutrients with plenty of large perch and pike, but also has a smaller amount of whitefish and in the inlet and outlet trout and grayling.

Svansjön and Skärsjön:
Lakes of traditional type

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Only in company with a keeper / adult / person who holds a valid fishing license (on his quota)

Fish species













Volgsjöns FVOF

The Volgsjöns FVOF has been formed to care for and manage the fisheries in the Volgsjön and within the area associated lakes and waterways. The area is within Vilhelmina municipality in Västerbotten. We want to offer fine fishing in scenic surroundings. The main purpose is to carry out fisheries conservation measures that benefit the existing stocks. In addition to this, according to water judgment, 2-3000 Trout are placed annually. We also work on a non-profit basis to maintain and improve windbreaks, piers, boat launch sites and deep lakes, etc.

Organization number: 896100-6478

Customer number: 919, Area: 879.

Contact persons

Anders Karlsson
0702 - 21  27 20


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