Hjärtasjöns FVOF

Hjärtasjön, Skärsjön, Kroksjön mfl

Heart Lake Fvof's lakes are located in a stunning wilderness setting that offers a fishing mainly for pike and perch. Beautiful surroundings and the presence of black-throated diver makes fishing trip in Heart Lake to a naturupplevelse .Alla lakes have good populations of perch, roach and gädda .Ca 40 minutes …

Hjärtasjöns FVO

Hjärtasjön-Östersjön och Molången

Hjärtasjön-the Baltic Sea and Molången are lakes in faults in the northern part of the Tylö forest forest area. The catchment areas to the lakes are mainly woodland and the settlements around the lakes are sparse. Large parts of the beach areas around Hjärtasjön are nature reserves (Kopparbergs Äng …
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