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  Västernorrlands län / Kramfors municipality.

When you go towards Nordingrå from the E4 from Gallsäter, the first village in Nordingrå is Binböle.

Right next to the highway is Binböletjärn, a little gem for anglers in general and for anglers in particular.

In the pond there are both trout (self-reproducing in the pond) and char. Stocking of new char takes place on a recurring basis by Binböletjärn's fishing area association. Due to poor availability of char, stocking could not be done in 2022 and 2023.

The fact that Binböletjärn is so close to the road means that accessibility to the lake is good, and there is also excellent parking at the exit road towards Nora.

Half the shoreline is along the road and in winter it is not many meters to walk before you can drill your hole and start fishing.

There is a lack of docks adapted for the disabled, but if you do not have too severe disabilities, it is still perfectly possible to go fishing.

Pimple fishing in the pond has been excellent but is currently poorer due to poor availability of char. Fishing during the spring and early summer can provide good trout fishing.

Of course, it is also possible to fish during the rest of the summer and autumn, although the fish are usually more difficult to hook then.

Suitable fishing methods are (apart from pimping during the winter) angling, spin fishing and to some extent fly fishing.

Bee bölet iron

The association regularly releases fish in the form of char in the pond and tries to maintain and develop the lake as a popular sport fishing water. Due to poor availability of char, stocking could not be done in 2022 and 2023.

There are also trout that are self-reproducing in the lake.

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Fishing licenses can be bought here at or in fishing license lockers (cash payment only) up in the village in Binböle. You can also call our contact person for help with purchasing a fishing license.

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Binböletjärns FVOF

Binböletjärn's fishing association was formed in 1965 by the property owners (ten in total) in Binböle and Åsäng who had fishing rights in Binböletjärn.
It was then decided to treat the lake with rotenone to get rid of pike, perch and roach etc. and then to plant noble fish.
The only original fish species that survived the rotenone treatment was tench, which can still be caught fishing in the lake today, albeit quite rarely.

Organization number: 202100-2445*

*Register-keeping authority (e.g. a County Administrative Board)
Customer number: 3293, Area: 3354.

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Binböletjärns FVO
0613 - 240 33 


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