Nordupplands Karpfiske



  Uppsala län / Älvkarleby municipality.

Djupsjön is a shallow little pond with a lot of marshland around.
There are gangways to some designated locations.
Carp is exposed on two occasions in 2010 and 2022 in June.
Biggest fish caught is about 9.8 kg and taken five years ago so there may be big fish......
Cards will be available for purchase from May 1 until the ice settles.
Boats can be borrowed for fishing.

 A catch-and-release policy is applied within this fishing area.

Fish species





Nordupplands Karpfiske

The association was formed in October 2021.
The association has a lease on a pond that has a population of carp.
During the summer, it has been fixed into some fishing spots that can be used.

Organization number: 802537-0225

Customer number: 3347, Area: 3406.

Contact persons

Anders Ingels
0702 - 73 47 09


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