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Fiska i Berg (fiskaiBergkortet)

  Jämtlands län / Berg municipality.

FISKAIBERG - Fishery areas and industry in collaboration

Fishing in Bergkortet offers a unique fishing license that simplifies the stay and fishing in Bergs municipality by providing access to many waters with varied fishing in streams, streams, lakes and lakes without having to buy different fishing licenses for each fishing conservation area.

You only need a card for over 130 fishing waters with an area of 85,000 hectares of fishing area in Berg Municipality. This is one of the country's largest cross-border fishing licenses, with everything from forest fishing to the Kalfjället fishing (the state's water).
The fishing area extends from the southernmost part of Berg to the northern part of a water area covering 85,000 hectares. In the area the term " interval catch " is applied, which means that you are allowed to catch three fish between 25-40 cm / day, of which one is called. trophy fish over 40 cm.

This fishing license includes nine fishing areas within the municipality:

  • Gruckarna
  • Handsjön
  • Klövsjö
  • State water
  • Toåssåsen sameby
  • RS
  • Skålan
  • The ridges
  • Upper Hoan
  • Great Lake-Berg
  • Svenstaån
  • Hogan-Hovermoån

These have come together to make it possible to fish in all (or parts of) each area.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.
 Only in company with a keeper / adult / person who holds a valid fishing license (on his quota)
 Special family cards exist, and are required, which include child / youth fishing
 In the company of an adult with a valid fishing license

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Bergs kommun

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FiskaiBerg - Bergs municipality is located in the middle of Sweden and has a population of over 7000 people. The central town of Svenstavik is located on Lake Storsjön about 7 km southwest of Östersund. Within the municipality's borders are known tourist resorts such as Klövsjö, Åsarna and Ljungdalen.

Berg's municipality covers 610,000 hectares of land and water and has a very varied fishing range from mountain fishing to stream and sea fishing in both mountains which in the forest land "Fiska i Berg" is a larger area where several fishing areas work together for you as a fisherman to fish in several of the municipality's waters on the same fishing license.

Berg - The country's most accessible fishing municipality in 2022
We strive to become the country's most accessible fishing municipality by making access to a large number of fishing areas with new fishing spots for the public recreation and fishing tourism that also includes people with disabilities. Sixteen (16) facilities are under construction and will be ready during 2020-21.

Organization number: 802535-3353

Customer number: 1176, Area: 1139.

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