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Svenstaån m fl vatten

  Jämtlands län / Berg municipality.

Svenstaån has a genuine wilderness feel and is difficult to access from a fishing point of view, something that the association for the future intends to maintain and preserve, in order to increase the number of Great Lakes trout in Lake Storsjön and in Svenstaån.

Svenstaån on the route from the medal in Svenstavik to Rörösjön, as well as Backsjöån is the subject of fishery conservation measures Rörösjön: Fishing with different methods throughout the year. Fishing for trout and grayling from June to August. The Rörö lake is easily accessible through existing roads. Svenstaån is difficult to access and requires extra effort for the true angler.

Stor-Backsjön and Lillsjön can be reached fairly easily from forest roads and a short walk. The rocky lake can be reached via a forest car road that almost reaches the lake. NOTE! Within the easternmost part of Kläppsjön lies outside the fishing area (see map).

Backsjöån has a great wilderness character and is quite difficult to access throughout its duration, but can be reached via forest car roads and shorter walks.

Östbergsbodsjön can, among other things, can be reached via a forest car road along the east side (road closed for car traffic).

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.

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Svenstaåns FVOF

Organization number: 893202-7736

The fishery conservation area includes Svenstaån upstream of the bridge for public road no. 542 through Svenstavik's community, Backsjöån , the lakes Rörösjön , Lill-Backsjön, StorBacksjön, Lillsjön, Östbergsbodsjön, Östbergstjärnen and part of Kläppsjön and water that flows to these.

Customer number: 3025, Area: 3030.

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