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  Jämtlands län / Östersund, Berg and Bräcke municipality.

The nudity (or Näkten as the lake is sometimes spelled) is an exciting mountain water lake in the lowlands that has an incredible amount of whitefish, as well as good access to trout, char and rough pike.

In Näckten there is a shallow upper part with fine stalls for trout. The red is only found in the southern deep part of the lake. This char is related to the wilderness red when it turns into a fish diet on the 3rd spring.

The pike in the lake is heavy, broad and short.

Overnight cottage is located at Ytterö. Wind protection on Älgön, Finnön, Monäset and north Rödberg's tax fishing.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Endast i sällskap med målsman/vuxen
 Valid only in certain waters or in certain places, see fishing rules / comment
 Only hand held equipment
 Children / Youth must be able to fish on their own (Throw / crank / fish themselves)
 The keeper must have taken note of and approved the applicable fishing rules and regulations.

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Näcktens FVO

Näktken's fish conservation area manages the fishery in Nätten .

Planting of trout since 1988, with a number varying from 9000 to 30000 per year. In 2017, only 3200 trout are planted (one to two summer). The fishery area works together with the County Administrative Board of Jämtland County, to restore the trout's normal play water in order to achieve a natural reproduction.

The network is part of the Life Triple Lakes project. to work to ensure the survival of the trout. Suspension of playground, restoration of playgrounds, information to the public, etc. are examples. on activities that are part of the project.

Organization number: 893200-3786

Customer number: 153, Area: 118.

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Anna Hallgren



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