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  Jönköpings län / Eksjö municipality.
Movänta FCAA
Försjön lies in an area of great natural beauty about one kilometre north of the community of Hult east of Eksjö. The lake is a Natura 2000 area with high nature values.
Försjön is a deep and nutrient-poor, spring-fed lake in the upper sections of the Emån watershed. It has relatively good perch and pike fishing. Försjön's bottom structure is diverse, with great variations in depth and bottom characteristics. At its deepest it is 25.5 m, and it has an average depth of 7.8 m. The beaches are mostly sand and stone. Vegetation consists of sparse reeds and isoetids.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Endast i sällskap med målsman/vuxen

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Movänta FVOF

Organization number: 827001-0021

Movänta FCAA
Försjön is nutrient-poor lake with good water quality that is part of the Emån lake system. It is a Natura 2000 area with high nature values. The Fishery Conservation Association seeks to ensure sustainable use of the fishing populations.Customer number: 303, Area: 264.

Contact persons

Torbjörn Johansson
Movänta 3
575 92 Hult


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