Karbennings FVO


Labodasjön, Bågen och Olsbennings damm

  Västmanlands län / Norberg municipality.

In the municipality of Norberg lies the beautifully located lakes of Laboda, the arch of Olsbenning and the pond of Bergslag in close proximity. In the immediate vicinity of the lakes there are several cycling trails and electric lights.

Lake The arch is over 6m deep and to the surface 0.68 km2, there is a municipal swimming area.

Labodia lake is over 6m deep and to the surface 0.73km2.

All three lakes have a nice fishing on gös, perch and pike.


Karbennings FVO

Organization number: 802426-8016

Customer number: 1052, Area: 1017.

Contact persons

Jan Bark
0705 - 42 61 58

Olle Löfvendahl
0739 - 38 59 36



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Värlingen, Målsjön m fl sjöar
Dalälven (Avesta)
Norbergs norra fiskevårdsområde

Affiliated fishing areas in Västmanlands län
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