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  Jämtlands län / Härjedalen municipality.

Långåfisket - in the middle of Härjedalen - offers varied fishing of very high quality with natural fish stocks of precious fish such as trout, char, grayling and whitefish. The unique Grundsjörödingen is a rarity. Långå fishery conservation area comprises five square miles of mountainous nature with 47 lakes and ponds, of which almost half with char and 45 km of flowing trout and grayling water.

New 2021

The board of the Långå Fisheries Conservation Area Association has revised the rules for fishing in the area, at the same time as the renovated stream sections in Långåljusnan are now open for fishing. This means that Långåljusnan's currents regain much of their attractiveness for sport fishing after extensive renovation work has been carried out. The distance is now 'longer' since bends and curves have been recreated, oxygen content has increased, deep furrows form hiking trails, playgrounds benefit fish and other aquatic organisms and deep holes must counteract the consequences of climate change. The stretch simply holds more water than it has done in the last fifty years.

Winter fishing on Grundsjön

Winter fishing on Grundsjön is very popular and talked about for decades. Grundsjön is a regulation reservoir that supplies Långå power plant with power for electricity production. This means that you must pay extra attention to the ice conditions and the consequences that exist.

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Långå FVOF.
 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

Fish species



Brown Trout














Brook trout


Invasiv art. Återutsätts inte.



Alpine bullhead


Enstaka i Grundsjön.

Långå FVOF

Logo Långå FVOF

In Långå there is a multi-hundred-year tradition of understanding and using fishing as an asset of a protected natural resource. That is the very essence of what is the fishing culture in Långå and explains why Långå is appreciated for its harmonious balance of quality of life and quality of nature.

The association of the Långå fishing area is responsible for making Långåfisket one of the most appreciated sport fishing areas. With the knowledge, methods and measures, that goal should be met and renewed. Revenue from the fishing license goes back to the fisherman through fishing care and investments.

The fishing care plan applies firstly to his fishing and their living conditions but also to those who fish and their needs! Fishing culture is one of the quality concepts. The fisheries plan focuses on three keywords:

Only native and local species of trout, char, grayling, whitefish, pike and perch. Exception for two P&T waters. Current rules, requirements and principles support and safeguard the conservation interest. Regular monitoring and follow-up on the viability of fish stocks is carried out.

Biotopes must be nurtured and function in as natural and original a condition as possible and reasonable. The waters should be kept free from foreign fish species. The reproductive capacity of fish stocks is controlled and, if necessary, support is given for release into certain waters. Cooperation takes place with stakeholders and suppliers who meet specific requirements. Extensive investments are being made in biotop conservation measures where the Långåljusnan project is the largest investment, which means that most of the river's natural values after float and power development have been restored despite less water flow.

Fishing is based on good judgment and ethics. The fish you need for the day, say 3 fish, you keep. The rest is returned undamaged for the next occasion. The fishing waters are made available and granted for sport fishing through fishing licenses.

Rules, instructions and recommendations can be found on terms, fees, fishing methods and withdrawals. Counseling and control is provided through organized fisheries supervision with trained regulators appointed by the county administrative board. The fishing pressure is spread within the area to reduce the risk that some areas are overloaded.

Fishing for children
Children and young people fish for free through the year they turn sixteen. In Långå there is a special pond, Depth pond, intended only for children. Life vest and company of an adult are conditions and a maximum of two trout per day.

The four big longfish
Trout, char, grayling and whitefish are called the Långåfiskets four big - the big four. All are original and popular anglers. It is unique that in all places you can meet in all four. Fishing for noble fish is a special and great experience. This applies from small brook trout to trout over 8 kilos (Långå-Ljusnan June 2015).

The basic lake trout belong to the large trout, related to the trout in Vättern, and came somewhat later than the mountain trout.

The Grundsjö project works to create the conditions for the char for all future. The project is supported by Fortum Generation AB, the County Administrative Board, Härjedalen Municipality, Långå FVOF and Särvsjöns community association.

The hares are Härjedalen's landscape fish and very much appreciated. "Ljusnan and Långåfisket are for the whitefish fishers what Emån is for the sea trout fishermen " wrote Lasse Hallberg, in FiN no 2/2013. The quote speaks for itself. The rounds in the Långåfisket logo symbolize "the big four".

Perch & Pike
Perch fishing is the beginning of a lifelong fishing interest and is popular all year round, as is pike fishing which has increased substantially. Perch is found in many of the waters and special measures are planned to increase the availability of perch in some waters. In several of the waters there are very coarse perch. Weights around 2 kilos are not uncommon where the winning fish in Härjedalen's fishy 2019 was taken by Håkan Selin at just over 1.8 kg.

The pike have good quality and are more and more appreciated as anglers. In Långå-Ljusnan with its seals and lakes there are interesting and exciting pike fishing. The largest pike recorded in 2019 weighed just over 10 kilos.

fishing waters
The fishing waters are privately owned. All are included in the fishery area. The clean and fresh water found in Långå makes the fish of good quality. Measured heavy metals are well below the limit values. The Långåjusnan is called the Långåfisket's pulse vein, Grundsjön for its inland sea, the lakes are like silver-shining mirrors in the landscape and Långå village is the pearl adventure land itself. More of the rivers and many lakes would welcome more fishermen than today. There are places where you get to be alone and not meet other fishermen.

Most fishing spots are easily reachable. Others are reached after a shorter hike. There are reference signs, some 30 windshields, many resting places, dry towers, rental boats, launching ramps and places for people with disabilities.

The fly fishing license also applies to fishing in all other waters except the two P&T lakes.

Who does not fish
It can be any day when you want to do other than fishing. And the companion wants other activities. Enjoy the surroundings. Safari in nature, in the cultural landscape and to places of interest. Långå Skans is a fortification that came after the peace in Brömsebro 1645. Mushrooms and berries when it is seasonal. Several golf courses. Several ski resorts. Close to Hede and Vemdalen, Funäsdals area and Norway to the west. The website contains tips on places of interest and excursions to interesting areas.

The Långå Fishing Conservation Area Association is responsible for providing fishing water, fishing and biotop care, service, services and development. The association is owned by fishery owners in the village of Långå (Härjedalen) and covers an area of five square miles. Revenue is reinvested. The goal is to be able to be compared with the most important fishery conservation areas in Sweden in the future.

Information, data, descriptions and actualities can be found on Långåfisket's website: www.langafisket.se

Organization number: 892600-2257

Customer number: 291, Area: 253.

Contact persons

Långå 321
840 93 Hede

Facebook: Långåfisket 

Hemsida:  www.langafisket.se


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