Mollsjöns FVF


Mollsjön, Lommekärr, Trolltjärn mfl

  Västra Götalands län / Ale and Göteborg municipality.

Northeast of Gothenburg in the middle of Ale and Gothenburg municipalities at the edge of Vättlefjäll's nature reserve opens a beautiful forest lake with mountainous beaches and clear water. In the lake there is a strong population of perch and pike. At times, the fishery can offer surprising size of the fish.

The lake is 1.5km long and relatively shallow. However, there are a couple of sections where the lake depth reaches 9m. In the four ponds belonging to the fishing license, which can be characterized as moss lakes, there are plenty of smaller perch, but pike up to 5 kg have also been caught.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

Fish species



Vanlig storlek100-350g. Fisk upp till kilot förekommer



Vanlig storlek 2-4 kg. Fisk upp till 8-10 kg förekommer



Vanlig storlek 100-300g

Mollsjöns FVF

Organization number: 955545-4868

Moll Sea fish conservation association works to improve and develop fisheries and the environment in and around Lake Garda Moll its tributaries and the lake Lommekeärr, Trolltjärn, Petersjö and Ebbe Tarn.

Since the seventies, the association administers an annual liming, which has had a dramatic positive effect on the lake's health. From having been a "sursjö" (clear water, inlets that grew back and declining fish stocks), the lake is now a balanced pH and plenty of fish.

The association is also responsible for the hydroelectric purposes statutory regulation of outflows from Lake comply with existing water rights.

Customer number: 418, Area: 379.

Contact persons

Magnus Björklund
0761 - 67 11 65


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