Mölndalsåns FVOF, västra sektionen



  Västra Götalands län / Mölndal, Härryda and Partille Municipality.

Fishing and fish species

The western section of Mölndalsån's fishing area gives its waters a fishing license that can be purchased as an annual or weekly card.

Occurrence of fish species:

Landwetter Sea: Pike (s), Perch (s), Lake, Mört (s), Siklöja (s), Signalkräft

Mölndalsån upstream of Landvettersjön: Earring (s), Perch (s), Signalkräftta (n)

Mölndalsån nedstrøms Landvettersjön including Massetjärn: Pike, Perch (s), Earring (s), Signalkräft (n)

Agntjärn: Pike (s), Perch (s)

Stora Hålsjön: Pike (s), Perch (s), Mört (n), Crayfish (n)

Lilla Hålsjön: Pike (s), Perch (s), Mört (s), Crayfish (s)

Big and Purple Braised Iron: Mirror Bow (n)

R = abundant occurrence
N = normal occurrence
S = economical occurrence

Fishing license

Fishing licenses are sold for fishing in all waters belonging to the Western section.

The fishing license can be purchased for one year from the date of purchase at a price of SEK 300 or as a weekly card for SEK 100.

Fishing licenses are sold by:

Mölnlycke Bike & Sports, Hönekullavägen 7, Mölnlycke


Fishing rules for the western section's short-fishing area in Mölndalsåns fvo.

Fishing license valid for:
- See above about the scope of the association

Cardholder's family members, ie. Spouse (s) / cohabitant and home-grown child up to 19 years old, owns the right to accompany the cardholder and participate in his / her own gear.

Fishing can be done with hand tools and angeldon. Fishing with moth after the roach is only permitted for fishing during the ice fishing season and is limited to a moor that must be marked with the fishing license number clearly visible so that it can be read without the gear being raised.

1. Only anglerfish from these lakes may be used for angeldon fishing in Stora and Lilla Hålsjön.
2. Carp caught shall be returned to the prison immediately.
3. The fishing license does not apply to crayfish fishing.

Young people 16 years of age or older may fish without a fishing license in card-related fishing waters according to the same rules as for short-haulers.

The fishing license is valid for the specified time and according to the stipulations of the law. In case of abuse or violations, the card is withdrawn and the fishery is not required.

The fishing license must be carried on with fishing and the identity must be able to be validated

The fish must not be done at bathing beaches during the bathing season. Empty land, farmland and individual dock must not be taken care of.
Keep in mind that the fishing license does not entitle you to use individual roads or to park in an inappropriate manner. Use Your Review.

Boats and boat rentals

The association has no own boats.

Landvettersjön launching disaster can be found at Landvetter Church


Welcome to contact the Association Board for more information

Section Chair:

Rolf Johansson
Sörbergen 1
433 51 Öjersjö
Tel. 031 - 98 73 25, 070-511 12 77
E-mail. johansson.rolf.e@telia.com


Kerstin Jönson
E-mail. kerstin.mc.jonson@telia.com


Magnus Johnsson
E-mail. magnus.johnsson@harrydaenergi.se


Johan Bengtsson
E-mail. kibban@passagen.se


Johnny Johnsson
E-mail. barhult1@hotmail.se


Kenneth Johansson
Tel. 0302 - 324 12


Magnus Engström
E-mail. magnus.engstrom@forsenprojekt.se



Nothing at present

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16. (Special rules or exceptions may apply, Read more...)

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I St.och L. Brasetjärn

Org ID: 944, Area 897

Mölndalsåns FVOF, västra sektionen

Mölndalsåns FVO Västra sektionen omfattar Mölndalsån från gamla sockengränsen mellan Landvetter och Härryda som går ungefär vid Kroksjövägen i Snåkered till inloppet i Rådasjön inklusive de sjöar som har sin avrinning till Mölndalsån (med några få undantag). Sjöar som ingår är Dammtjärn, Agntjärn, Landvettersjön (Gröen), Stora och Lilla Hålsjön på gränsen mellan Partille och Härryda kommuner, Stora och Lilla Brastjärn (Tutjärn) i Partille.

Området inom Mölnlycke fabrikers inhägnade område ingår ej i fiskevårdsområdet.

Contact persons

Rolf Johansson:
070 - 511 12 77


Fishing areas nearby Mölndalsåns FVOF, västra sektionen

Stora och Lilla Ramsjön
Mollsjön, Lommekärr, Trolltjärn mfl
Stora Lövsjön, Gärdsjön m fl sjöar
Ingsjöarna & Oxsjön
Lilla Lövsjön

Affiliated fishing areas in Västra Götalands län
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