Viskan Samfällighetsförening TVV

  Markägarföreningen TVÅ (Rules and regulations)

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NOTE! New Rules 2018

The following applies from April 1, 2018.

  1. A maximum of four salmon fish can be killed for each individual angler during the season, with salmon fish being both salmon and trout. Of these, a maximum of one salmon fish can be killed per day and a maximum of two salmonids are killed during the period from April to the end of June. Once the quota has been reached, no fishing may take place regardless of gear.
  2. During the period from August 1 to September, the following applies: All fishing shall be conducted with barbed single hook. Female salmonids should be discarded. If salmonids that are to be released during August and September cannot be released due to such damage that it is not considered to survive, this should be reported to the Fisheries Supervisor directly at the water.
  3. Registration of catches at our catchment sites must take place no later than 24 hours after the catch. This also applies to Catch & Release.
  4. Exhausted fish (Besa) should always be released.
  5. Children / youth fish for free up to 15 years.

General rules regarding all fishing licenses

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS The fishing license is personal and must bear the name of the holder. The holder must be prepared to identify himself.

FISHING may only be done on designated beach area, not from boat or Kullagårdsbron.

CONSTITUTIONS and statutes, both general and for each county, must be strictly observed.

CAUTION with ELD in forest and land must be observed and littering must not occur.

CATCH STRAPPOTRATION shall be reported at reporting points at Kullagård, Högaström and Åsbro. When this is missing, catch reporting must be done on the iFiske website or

Violation of the current regulations means that the right to fish is immediately forfeited and with possible penalties.

Salmon and sea trout

NUMBER OF SALMON FISH The card entitles you to catch up to one (1) salmon fish per day. Up to the end of June, a maximum of two (2) salmon fish can be caught and a total of four (4) salmon fish can be caught for the season. Once the quota of four (4) salmon fishes has been caught, no fishing may take place regardless of gear.

FISHING may only be practiced with angling gear, rod by hand (1 piece).

FISHING shall be conducted as mobile fishing and in zones where instructed.

FISHING SEASON is currently April 1 to September 30 for salmon and sea trout. See further map.

FREDING during August and September applies to fishing with single hook without barbs and that all female salmon fish should be discarded.

Pike and other white fish

MINIMUM MEASURES Pike above 80 cm and perch above 45 cm should all be re-exposed.

FISHING may only be practiced with angling gear, rod by hand one (1 piece).

FISHING SEASON is currently October 1st to March 31st.

FISHING shall be conducted at designated location, Zone 1 and from the treatment plant, see further map. All fishing takes place on the western side.

NOTE !! The fishing rules may change without warning during the current season if such a situation arises.

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