Storasjöarna Arjeplogs Båt och Trollingklubb

  Norrbottens län / Arvidsjaur municipality.

The Great Lakes in the middle of Lapland.
The Stora Sjöarna short fishing area includes parts of the lakes: Storavan, Uddjaure and Hornavan below the cultivation limit.
Through fisheries conservation, restoration of raft routes and planting of river-own trout, the tourism industry in the region has been stimulated.
Nine launching ramps have been built for fishing in the lakes.
The extensive forest landscape in the area offers varied fishing and wonderful wilderness experiences.
Here there is water with a fantastic grayling, trout, pike, perch fishing.
The large fish-eating trout has always been an attraction in the lake system.
Fishing from your own boat is possible in the area's natural waters.

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Storasjöarna Arjeplogs Båt och Trollingklubb

Organization number: 898801-3515

Customer number: 3307, Area: 3367.

Contact persons

Siv Lestander

070-576 49 29


Fishing areas nearby Storasjöarna Arjeplogs Båt och Trollingklubb

Kallön Storavan
Uddjaure, Uljajaure m fl vatten
Arjeplogströmmarna, Naurasjöarna och Uddjaure

Affiliated fishing areas in Norrbottens län
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