Arjeplogströmmarnas FVOF


Arjeplogströmmarna, Naurasjöarna och Uddjaure

  Norrbottens län / Arjeplog municipality.

The fisheries management area between Hornavan and Uddjaure is a unique natural and fishing area. Everything is within walking distance of the town. The fishing water is distributed over a large number of areas, as well as the Naurasjöarna and the small ones of Navjaur and Uddjaure (see map), which offer varied and good fishing. Sport fishing takes place above all for grayling and whitefish, but the streams are also known for their fine trout. The Vauka streams have ramps for the disabled and in several places there are rest areas and toilets.

Note that for the 2023 season we have introduced a bag limit! A maximum of 1 trout/day and a maximum of 3 grayling/day may be taken from our waters on each fishing license! We have minimum measurements of 30 cm for trout.

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Arjeplogströmmarnas FVOF.

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Arjeplogströmmarnas FVOF

The association was formed in 1988. The fishing lake is centrally located in Arjeplog between Uddjaure and Hornavan. Our goal is that fishing in the Arjeplog streams should be accessible to everyone! We work to be able to maintain a good service, such as wood for fireplaces, dustbins and toilets. We hope that our visitors appreciate the barbecue areas and cleaning tables we offer. We on the board have a great commitment to preserving the unique environment around our streams. Our vision is to care for the fisheries and land, to give our and future generations an opportunity to experience the unique environment we manage.

In the association, we have 10 fisheries supervisors who monitor the area. We consider surveillance to be one of our most important fisheries conservation missions.

Organization number: 899100-3768

Customer number: 3429, Area: 3488.

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Sven-Anders Holmström

Kontakta gärna vår ordförande (tillika ansvarig över bevakningen) om du har synpunkter på förbättringar inom vårt område. 

Upplever du att någon bryter våra regler så hör gärna av dig till Sven-Anders


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