Nurrholms Bys Samfällighet


Uddjaure, Uljajaure m fl vatten

  Norrbottens län / Arjeplog municipality.

Welcome to visit Nurrholm's fisheries conservation area! A 2200 hectare area in the western part of Uddjaur, 15 km south of Arjeplog's urban area.

Here are mainly large pike and fine perch, but also trout. Grayling is found mainly in Uljajaure and below its outlet in Uddjaur. The fishing license applies to Uljajaure's eastern half. Here are nice sandy beaches for swimming and play. Boat ramps are available both at the end of the road in Uddjaur and at the Northern part of Uljajaure, see map for further information.

Uddjaur is a large lake with many headlands (hence the name), bays and islets and provides the opportunity for a varied fishing and great nature experiences. When the wind recovers, there is therefore the opportunity for shelter. The lake is shallow and charts, digital or on paper, can be good.

Hiking a recently restored cultural trail from Knäusviken and west 6.5 km to Lake Maskaure can be a nice break from fishing. The path passes through the nature reserve Skarjak, with its special nature. The path was used before roads were broken to get to Uddjaur, where they had a boat and then rowed towards Arjeplog.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 17.

Fish species





Grov gädda.







Nurrholms Bys Samfällighet

Nurrholms FVO, formed in 1991, offers access to a rich outdoor life through a varied fishing and nature and cultural experiences in the lakes Uddjaur and Uljajaure.

Organization number: 899100-1945

Customer number: 3129, Area: 3146.

Contact persons

Ulla Modig
070 - 526 85 40


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