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  Norrbottens län / Arjeplog municipality.

The Bergnäsälven, about 5 kilometers south of Arjeplog, offers opportunities for good sport fishing and nice catches.

The river is most appreciated for the Bergnäsöringen, which is of national interest, but more and more people are also discovering the good grayling fishing here.

In the Bergnäsälven, fishing from land instead of a boat is recommended for those who are not familiar with the water, as it is very shallow in some places.

It is stony at the river's edge, but the area is still relatively easily accessible with proximity to the road, a gap in some parts and well-trodden paths.

Along the river there are also four shelters with associated fire places.

Fishing in the Bergnäsälven is managed by Södra Bergnäs Samfällighetsförening, which also sells fishing licenses and manages the fisheries in the area.

As the Bergnäsalven is the main reproduction area for the Bergnäsöringen, the association is also responsible for the breeding fishing that has taken place here since 1960.

The mountain brown trout is considered to be of national interest and worthy of protection because it is one of the few downstream spawning trout stocks.

Breeding fishing takes place in autumn, and is carried out with nets. Wild trout in the size class 2.5-5 kilos are picked up and placed in a so-called fish sump, specially designed for this purpose.

They are squeezed onto rum and milk and the fry are then reared at a fish farm in Lycksele.

The Bergnäs trout are then planted in several nearby lakes and waterways, including in Södra Bergnäs fishing waters.

Five thousand graylings are released here every year, and this is clearly visible in the catch results.

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