Gingri-ön FVO


Viskan (Gingri-Ön)

  Västra Götalands län / Borås Municipality.

Gingri-Öns fiskevårdsområde is located about 1.5 kilometers north of Borås from Marsjön's outlet to the highway bridge in Gingri. The whisper springs through the nationally interesting environment. The whisper runs through both calm and flowing water. It is incredibly beautiful after the river where you can sneak out to try to trick the big pike or the vigilant earring. Inglabäcken and Fölabäcken are also included in the fishing conservation area (see map). In addition to trout and pike, there is plenty of whitefish. There is actually quite a lot of great eel left in the river as well. The fish conservation area has received money from Borås City's nature conservation fund to restore trout biotopes. This means that we will lay out game gravel and larger stones for stalls for large trout. The project starts in the summer of 2012. These measures will hopefully make us a very fine trout fishing in the river Ån. Keep in mind that the fishing license holder is obliged to inform himself about the applicable regulations and rules. Violation of these means that the right to fish is immediately forfeited. Always have a fishing license or certificate available for display to the sailors. Rules and regulations are available on information boards with the river. The Fishery Area is also included in Borås City's municipal fishing license. Hope you get a nice nature experience and that the fish is on the cut !!

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14. (Special rules or exceptions may apply, Read more...)

Fish species





Common bream


Silver Bream








Org ID: 191, Area 150

Gingri-ön FVO

Gingri-Öns fiskevårdsområde förvaltar ett område ca 1,5 mil norr om Borås från Marsjöns utlopp till landsvägsbron i Gingri. Fiskevårdsområdet har fått pengar av Borås stads naturvårdsfond för att restaurera öringbiotoper. Fiskevårdsområdet ingår även i Borås stads kommunfiskekort.

Contact persons

Niklas Rydin:
073 - 06 67 270

Åke Jansson:
070 - 54 24 865

Lars Johansson:
070 - 49 66 606


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