Almaåns övre FVOF


Almaån (Övre)

  Skåne län / Hässleholm municipality.
Almaåns upper fishery conservation association welcomes you to fish in Almåns upper part, our stretch of river begins at Finjasjön and extends down to Ruotsinpyhtää and Brittedal (see map). The upper part is quite shallow and easily accessible, the lower part is more varied and partly difficult to come to fish from land because of woods and thickets mm. The fishing must be considerate according to roam to the accommodation by the river and not such betäda built-up plots and do not go on arable land sown. Anyone who has a valid fishing license has the right to sport fishing with a rod, not with any other fishing method. Landowners who are members of the association have the right to fish crayfish and put out gear such as creels.

The most common fish to catch in the river are perch, pike, roach and bleak, but there are also brown trout, burbot, tench, carp, chub, salmon mm. Almaån is nationally famous for its chub fishing, there is only Helgeån water as there are chub in Skåne. Farnan is quite difficult outwitted and not especially numerous and no food fish because we appreciate if you drop back possibly trapped färnor. In the river there are several worth protecting fish species namely stone loach, gudgeon and eels also chub and wild spawning salmon have some protection value. All of eel fishing in the river is forbidden by law. There are several worthy of protection bivalves in the river especially thick shelled river mussel that are red listed, so do not take up or touch the mussels in the river. While the rest are all obliged to show respect for animals and nature in and around the river.

In Almaån in their entirety are two hydropower plants namely the Spånga Brittedal and both have laxtrappor.Det are several dam and the remaining dams in the river at the top Mölleröd regulates Finjasjön Sea's water level, further down the river there Algustorps mill, mill and Eka Laxbro mill. A small number of sea trout and salmon migrate up the Almaån each year, past all the obstacles and playing in åsystemet. In the river, but especially in the flows is a smaller fish for brown trout, there are plans to try to remove obstacles to migration in the flows in order to increase the stock. If you catch something interesting in the river such as large fish or rare species will hear from you to us on the board. Good luck and a nice outdoor experience Board wishes all of you.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 17.

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Almaåns övre FVOF

Almaån's Upper Fisheries Management Area Association manages the fisheries in Almaån's upper part. This stretch of the river starts at Finjasjön and stretches down to Strömsfors and Brittedal. The association must work to preserve the natural values found in and around Almaån and take the necessary measures to protect them.

Organization number: 802600-8311

Customer number: 309, Area: 272.

Contact persons

Rune Karlsson
0737 - 45 37 54 


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