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  • The bear clam at Kolugnarna
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Björnklammen, Öjesjön, Vålungen m fl sjöar

  Värmlands län / Säffle and Årjäng municipality.

Västra Långserud's fisheries conservation area belongs to Säffle municipality in southwestern Värmland, whose lake system is part of Lillälven's water system. A water system that starts in the nature reserve Glaskogen and meanders through the lakes in our fisheries conservation area to finally end up in Byälven.

A fishing license entitles to fishing in the lakes Björnklammen, Öjesjön, Vålungen, Myrsjön , Siketjärnet and Mögsjön as well as the smaller lakes that drain to these lakes. Öjesjön, which is the largest lake in the area with the largest number of fish species. There, fishing takes place mostly for pike, perch, whitefish, vendace, brook trout and roach.

Within the area there are few buildings and if you want to experience the untouched scenic environment together with fishing and only sounds from the forest and water, the opportunity is great.

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Västra Långseruds FVOF

The association was formed in 1988 and the purpose of this was to coordinate fishing activities and fisheries management. Also promote the common interests of the fishing rights holders, taking into account the regulations that apply to the practice of fishing and granting fishing rights to the public.

Organization number: 874400-7819

Customer number: 759, Area: 719.

Contact persons

Gerhard Johansson 
070 - 663 00 82


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Affiliated fishing areas in Värmlands län
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