Stora Börs FVOF


Stora Bör, Lilla Bör mfl

  Värmlands län / Årjäng and Säffle municipality.

The association manages:
Big Bör, Lilla Bör, Älgsjön, Öjesjön, Bodasjön, Hynningssjön, Tegstjärnet, Hasselbacketjärnet, Sulerudstjärnet, Ragnilrudstjärnet.

The Stora Börs fishery area belongs to southwestern Värmland, whose lake system is part of the Lillälven water system. A water system that begins in the Glaskogen Nature Reserve and winds its way through the lakes in our fishery area to finally open into Byälven.

A fishing license entitles to fishing in the lakes Öjesjön, Älgsjön, Lilla Bör and Stora Bör as well as the smaller lakes that drain to these lakes. On the border between Säffle and Årjäng municipality is Stora Bör, which is the largest lake in the area. There, the fishing is mostly for pike, perch and fine trout. Other species that are found include lake, whitefish, zig-zag, brook trout, roach and eel.

In Stora Bör you can catch the big fish, for example a 17 kilos pike, 4-5 kilos of trout and 2 kilos of perch have been raised. Stora Bör also has other things to discover as the lake has a distinct wilderness character with many islands, islets and islets.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Only with hand tools.

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Stora Börs FVOF

Stora Börs fisheries conservation area association was formed in 1992 and has primarily worked to improve the trout stocks in the fisheries conservation area by restoring spawning and rearing areas. In addition to major biotope conservation projects in Ragnilsrudsbäcken, Bärhusälven and Bodaälven, they also implement other measures such as improving play bottoms with gravel and manufacturing and placing vases in the lakes.

Organization number: 802426-8339

Customer number: 723, Area: 683.

Contact persons

Gerhard Johansson
070 - 663 00 82

Håkan Bennetoft
070 - 643 83 01

Thore Damberg
070 - 746 32 00


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